Nishant Bazzad

Hi, I am Nishant Bazzad.

I'm self-taught UI/UX designer currently living in Gurgaon, India. I have over three years of professional experience using design thinking to solve real-world business problems. I’m an expert at asking the right questions and always try to make informed decisions. I spend my weekends/free time reading books, traveling to random places & capturing photos with my iPhone.


I am good at solving problems, designing clean interfaces and making users feel at home. My goal is to create obvious, lovable and usable products for people. I usually am an active participant in the product development process from brainstorming to after the launch. I create detailed wireframes, flows, mockups, icons and prototypes to share design ideas with product managers and engineers. To those I have worked with, I’m considered to be a very thoughtful, hardworking & detail-oriented designer, always going the extra mile to realize the potential of an idea, push for smarter design solutions and discover meaning in a world saturated with empty marketing campaigns.
I work with Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Principle and Zeplin. I also like wasting hours writing code in HTML & fighting with CSS.


When I'm not working for others, I like to learn new skills with side projects. To build prospective & gain skills between full-time jobs, I take on projects that are interesting, challenging or are in-verticals where I have little experience.

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