About me

Hey there! I help companies create digital products that bring convenience, delight & meanings to people's lives while keeping an eye on business goals. My designs are simple, thoughtful & easy to use experience comes from a deep empathy for the users, good understanding of the problem, constraints and business objectives, iterations closely with user feedback, and intentional decisions with solid reasoning.

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Some of my design principles

People over pixels

An interface can look visually stunning and still fail to solve the problem because it's not helping users in their intent. Designers & engineers should work together from start to create exceptional interactive experiences.

Empthaize with end-user

You're not designing the product for yourself or your team; there are people out there who are going to use your product. Find out who will be using your product, how your product is going to solve their problem & design for them. Only them.

Always start with ideas

As designing is becoming more & more easy to work on with new tools, It's becoming hard to create great experiences. One way to find the best solution early & cheap is to explore a lot of ideas on paper. Saves a ton of time, helps you to choose the best option & articulate your solution. Don't jump into Sketch or Photoshop early. Take your time to understand the problem, move to craft stage when you have enough context & clarity.

Never, ever stop learning

In an ever evolving industry, it's not a great idea to stop yourself from learning. Proactive & continuous learning ensures growth. Challenge yourself, your work & your thinking every day & try to improve it on daily basis.

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